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Our Family & Ranch
Since 1992

Steve & Karen Klopp

A little about us…..

Steve and I met while in high school at lake Bronson Bible camp. I came home from camp and told my mother that’s who I would be  marrying and 4 years later I did. Next summer we will celebrate our 31 year anniversary. We moved to this ranch 19 years ago and along with our 5 kids have enjoyed a very country lifestyle. In addition to ranching Steve works on cars at his repair shop and I am a registered nurse. Steve and I grew up caring for and loving animals. His family raising collies and later German shepherds and my family raising cocker spaniels.  Together on the ranch we have raised Australian shepherds.  My love of poodles was initiated a year ago when a friend asked me to be a guardian home for 2 sister poodle mamas. Over the course of the next 9 months I birthed out and cared for 3 batches of poodle puppies and was hooked. Although it was hard to see them leave I made the decision that I would raise my own puppies and try to make people and families as happy as my puppies make me. Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Bernise Mountain Dogs are all wonderful family dogs and mixing them with a Poodle decreases their shedding and the allergies some people experience with dogs. Just like with ranching, our kids have all become involved with caring for the dogs.

Our Family

Now in addition to our 5 kids we have 8 grandchildren. Our older 2 boys Bryar and Bret have blessed us not only with grandchildren but also by living nearby. With all of them living within 15 miles of the ranch we see them often and I “employ” them for puppy socialization.  I cannot tell if kids love puppies more or puppies love kids. As you can see your puppy will come to you, from us, having been loved on and handled by all ages and used to a very busy household. Our 3 teenagers that continue to live with us are essential to keep the ranch going. Although they are all very involved with high school sports they find time to help us with the cattle and dogs. Max 19, graduated, has developed a love for carpentry and is currently working full time. Rylie 17 (the only girl) plays basketball, volleyball and rides horse any chance she gets may follow her mom into nursing. Wyatt 16 is playing basketball but loves hunting, trapping and fishing and spending time with his dog.  They have an amazing bond and he is my biggest animal lover.